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Soca Shack was created back in summer of 2016 but the story behind it is where the magic really happened.  My family and I always wanted our food to be enjoyed by everyone who entered our homes, friends, family guests of all kinds would always leave with their bellies full and big smiles on their faces. This has been our family’s passion and in 1985 Monique’s Caribbean restaurant opened their doors to the well anticipated public in St Marys street Southampton this milestone was something our family could be proud of, that we could finally share our love of Caribbean food to the people of Southampton. After a year Monique’s was closed down due unforeseen circumstances.

So let’s skip forward a couple decades to Summer 2016 when Soca Shack was first created. After tireless nights a huge effort to secure a location our plans at the final moments fell through and in the Soca Shack was put on hold. Two years on from this in March 2018 we decided to take another approach for our food to be enjoyed by the public and South Coast Caters was born. South Coast is our sister company that caters for large events such as wedding, funerals and festivals, it was growing at a steady pace, being booked up for most weekends in the summer months. Then out of no where the deadly Covid-19 struck the world and pretty much bent us all to its will and South Coast lost it bookings for 2020. So we were yet again forced to put our journey on hold. 





Like every many others which were put out of business due to the pandemic we got our thinking cap on and decided to provide a delivery service rather than a restaurant which was the original plan back in 2016. We knew that like us one thing people would probably miss during this lockdown was the simple pleasure we all took for guaranteed which was going out for a bite to eat. Our favourite restaurants and takeaways were closed and who knew when they would be back, but yet the government didn’t stop or prevent anyone from actually providing a delivery service. So Soca Shack was reborn. 

We have now been up and running for nearly a year and we couldn’t have imagined how amazing the response has been to our food and service. Our dreams as a family feel like they are starting to come true and we now have a brand and reputation we can be proud of and we are finally doing what we feel we were born to do which is to create the finest authentic Caribbean food on the south coast. We set the bar high to ensure all of our Soca family are happy and left with a true authentic Caribbean eating experience on each and every time you order. 


It’s a long journey ahead and I am sure there will be some lows but that will never outweigh the highs as at the end of the day we are doing what we love.  

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